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[Essay Help]: Discuss the role of supportive followership and its influence on your leadership style.

Discuss the role of supportive followership and its influence on your leadership style.

Personal values and beliefs that influence your leadership style.

Expectations of self and others and effective followership.

Leadership style and influence tactics.

Your leadership philosophy should include supporting citations.

Develop a leadership philosophy statement. Begin by reviewing your self-assessment results from Topic 2 and reflect on what you have learned about effective leadership and conscious capitalism in the course. Keep in mind that one’s leadership philosophy is a unique statement that encapsulates your own view of leadership.

Include the following


Requirements: depends on prompt 

[Essay Help]: Delivery System

This is a project based course in which you will analyse the case study. You will be doing a piece of your final project during your Lesson each week. The final project will culminate in a 2-Part assignment- a written portion and a presentation. This is a 400 level course. This means the projects are guided, but heavily based on your own research. You should plan to spend additional time each week to complete the Lesson.


During this week you will organize a fundraising campaign for Mercy hospital. Find two NGO ( non-government organizations) that will support your campaign. Please be creative. You can raise funds for any hospital department or healthcare related activity (i.e. cancer research, etc).


Write at least (2) pages, double space, Times New Roman, 12) and attach your work saved it in Word. doc. You APA formatting 7th edition. Grade will be marked down for not adhering to APA 7th edition guidelines. 

[Essay Help]: Rheumatic Disorder

Rheumatic Disorder

of patient with inflamatory rheumatic disorder. Concept, pathofisiology, signs and symptoms, treatment, complications 

[Essay Help]: Hypertension

Hypertension, concept, pathofisiology, signs and symptoms, manifestation, treatment 

[Essay Help]: Explain the basic concepts of quality improvement in the health care industry.

Risk and quality management are the responsibility of all employees. As a health care manager, it is important that you are able to communicate the importance of these topics to your team members.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate the skill of risk management by evaluating appropriate decision-making processes in risk and quality management as you prepare an introductory guide on the basic concepts of risk and quality management. You will apply the risk- and quality-management concepts you’ve learned to the health care industry.


3- to 4-page quality- and risk-management introductory guide.


Explain the basic concepts of quality improvement in the health care industry.

Explain the basic concepts of risk management in the health care industry.

Decision-Making Processes

Explain the information needed for making risk-management and quality-management decisions in the health care industry. Consider the following in your explanation:

How do you identify your areas of concern?

What data do you need to validate your concerns?

What process or methods do you use to ensure consistency in making evidence-based decisions?

Risk-Management Tools and Strategies

Evaluate 2 risk-management tools or strategies used in the health care industry. Include the following:

Explain the purpose of each tool or strategy.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the tools or strategies you selected.

Quality-Management Tools and Strategies

Evaluate 2 quality-management tools or strategies used in the health care industry. Include the following:

Explain the purpose of each tool or strategy.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the tools or strategies you selected.


Explain challenges in applying risk- and quality-management decisions in the health care industry.

Cite references to support your assignment.

Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines. 

[Essay Help]: Allergic Disorder

Allergic disorder, concept, pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, treatments, complications, manifestation. 

[Essay Help]: Capstone Change Project Outcomes.

Capstone Change Project Outcomes.

After working with your preceptor to assess organizational policies, create a list of measurable outcomes for your capstone project intervention. Write a list of three to five outcomes for your proposed intervention. Below each outcome, provide a one or two sentence rationale.

The assignment will be used to develop a written implementation plan.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. 

[Essay Help]: Conducting A SWOT Analysis, Considering The Competition, And Making A Proposal

Conducting A SWOT Analysis, Considering The Competition, And Making A Proposal

For this task, you will complete a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a specific healthcare organization’s service or product. Based on your SWOT analysis, you will then propose an additional service or product to market for the organization, while also comparing it to a competing healthcare organization’s service or product.

This task is designed to provide practice for the analysis, service proposal, and competition analysis that you will complete as part of Final Project Milestone Two in Module Five.



[Essay Help]: Heart disease complications.

Heart disease complications. Concept, pathofisiology, sign and symptoms, treatment, manifestations, management