Coronavirus History

Hide Assignment Information  Instructions  The Final Project is something that you can start working on now!  For the project, you need to write a 5-7 page history of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States (this means what you write should be 5-7 pages, you may not use a title page or Works Cited to count toward this).  However, because history is about sources, you need to use only sources that you find on social media.  Please remember that you must properly cite your sources throughout your work.  After writing your “History of the American Pandemic” (or whatever you title it), you then need to write 3-6 sentences on each source that you use (you MUST have a minimum of 7 sources – at least two should be from a conservative political perspective and at least two from a liberal political perspective).  You may use newspapers if the original link that you cite to them is found on social media.  Please remember that your annotated sources do not count towards your pages.    To be clear, there are two parts to this project.  The first is the history itself, the second is the write-up of your sources.  They should be together in a single file.  You will need to submit your document to the Final Project course dropbox.  Remember, you MUST use either Word or PDF document formats for this, and everything should be in a standard font, size 12 or smaller, with 1-inch margins.

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