[Essay Help]: 70103 Ethics Law And Justice

70103 Ethics Law And Justice.


This task introduces you to essay writing at UTS: Law.

Objectives:  This task contributes specifically to the development of graduate attributes

Task : Essay

Task: Written communication skills are critical to legal study and professional practice. This task introduces you to essay writing at UTS: Law. It is designed to test your learning in relation to the following subject learning objective:


You are to write an essay on the following question:

Critically assess the obstacles that make it difficult (or in some cases, perhaps, impossible) for members of the group that is the focus of your – or another – Collaborative Justice Project topic to secure legal representation and/or justice. Consider also the degree to which measures that have been introduced or proposed with a view to overcoming these obstacles have been successful and whether (and what) more needs to be done.

The Collaborative Justice Project topics are:

  1. People who have experienced domestic (family) violence;
  2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
  3. Prisoners and detainees;
  4. People with low levels of education and/or poor literacy skills;
  5. People with disabilities (whether physical, psychological or psychiatric);
  6. Asylum seekers.

Please see the task instructions on the next page.


Your essay must include an introduction, body and conclusion:

  • A clear introduction. The introduction to your essay must include a clear thesis statement (that is a sentence which makes it clear what your argument is in response to the essay question you are answering). The introduction must also provide an outline (or road map) of the main issues that will be addressed in the body of the essay. This should also indicate the order in which these issues will be analysed.
  • The body of the essay. We strongly recommend that you confine and limit your response to the question. This is because the best essays (i.e., those that score the highest marks) are those that engage in critical analysis. If you attempt to cover too broad a topic, it is likely that you will fall into the trap of providing merely descriptive content (something that will earn a pass).
  • Conclusion. A clear conclusion ‘wraps up’ your thesis. The relation it bears to what you have already written can pithily be expressed in the question, “And so?”, i.e. what follows from what you have already written?


70103 Ethics Law And Justice

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