[Essay Help]: 77734 Law And Medicine

77734 Law And Medicine.

Law reform proposal: Legislation should be enacted to establish a no-fault compensation scheme for people who suffer harm due to accidents and errors in medical care. This legislation would replace the current system of fault-based tort litigation.

The Assignment: Research and write a law reform submission that takes a position for or against this proposal. The maximum length is 3000 words. References are not included in the word count. There is no allowance for +10% over the word limit.

Please use the following format for your assignment.

1. Abstract / Executive Summary

Summarise the key points of your law reform submission. Your abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Briefly explain relevant background information and context for this law reform proposal.

Why is this topic a matter of contemporary concern for lawmakers, the medical profession and the public?

State your position on the law reform proposal and the main reasons for your position. For clarity and brevity, express the main reasons in dot points.


Explain the reasons why you support or oppose the law reform proposal, using information collected from research sources. To be convincing, your submission must be clearly argued and supported by evidence. Include lessons learned from at least one jurisdiction that has experience with the proposed law reform. Anticipate and address arguments of those who might oppose your position. Use subheadings in this main Discussion section.

77734 Law And Medicine

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