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ACCG36913 Auditing 1A. Alan Fallon was recently promoted to senior accountant. He was put in charge of the Mellow Markets audit because of his experience with other grocery clients. Mellow Markets has a small, but growing chain of natural food stores. This is the first year Mellow Markets has been audited. Because of its growth, Mellow needs additional capital. Mellow intends to take its audited financial statements to a bank to secure a loan.

Alan has been assigned two inexperienced staff assistants for the audit. Because this is his first audit as a senior, he intends to bring the job in on budget. To save time, he gave the assistants the audit program for Happy Time Food Stores. He told his staff that this would make things go more quickly. He also told them that he could not spend much time with them at the client’s place of business because “my time is billed out at such a high rate, we’ll go right over budget.” He did call them once a day from another audit on which he was working. The assistants told Alan that the audit program did not always match up with what they found at Mellow Markets. Alan responded, “Just cross out whatever is not relevant in the audit program and don’t add anything-it will only make us go over the budget.”

When Alan came out near the end of fieldwork, one assistant communicated her concern that they had not attended the inventory counts at any of the out-of-town locations of Mellow Markets. The audit program had stipulated that inventory should be observed for in-town stores only. Happy Time had only one store not in town while Mellow Markets had three of their five stores in other cities. Alan told the assistant to get inventory sheets from the client for the other stores. He added, “Make sure that the inventory balance in the general ledger agrees with the total for all the inventory sheets.” The next day, Alan reviewed all work papers and submitted the job for review by the manager.


A. Describe three GAAS examination standards.

B. Do you believe that the Mellow Markets audit is in compliance with these standards? Explain.


ACCG36913 Auditing 1A

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