[Essay Help]: BSBSMB401- Establish Legal And Risk Management Requirements

BSBSMB401- Establish Legal And Risk Management Requirements.


Using the same business structure you set up in Assessment 1 – answer the following questions, and present this in your Manual or Portfolio already started in Assessment 1. These two assessments (Assessment 1 and Assessment 2) then become your final Portfolio. Ensure you number each section clearly with the relevant questions.

For your final Portfolio – is a word document with a Table of Contents, the correct question headings and consistent fonts. Use references where applicable, page numbers and your name on each page.

Section 1.4

1. Document how the business will store and maintain legal documents and records including backup copies.

2. Design a credit application form for Donald’s business, customising a relevant Australian template and referencing it.

3. Document how the business will protect its legal rights when it sells its product and services.

4. Document how the business will comply with general legal responsibilities.

Section 1.5

1. Prepare a standard form “Contract for the Sale/ Letter of engagement” of bookkeeping services, or other business services that are business to business. Note this is not a Business to a customer sales contract instead this is often called “B to B Services.” Your customer in this case is another business owner (Donald’s business). Make it as real as possible by customising the templates found to suit your business and reference the template.

Section 1.6

1. Identify any commercial leasing options for premises for Donald’s business and use an example of any contractual arrangement for a commercial lease. Where would you go for support on this topic?

2. List internal and external risks to the business with the use of a risk matrix. Make the risk matrix specific to your bookkeeping business risks, showing the probability-likelihood and impact of these risks and the priority for them for treatment. Mention an action you can take to mitigate each risk you identify.

3. List all the types of insurance required by any business and state what insurance applies for your bookkeeping business in particular.

BSBSMB401- Establish Legal And Risk Management Requirements

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