[Essay Help]: BUS320: E-Commerce And E-Business

BUS320: E-Commerce And E-Business. Week 3 Class Discussion topic comes from —

Chapter 2 “E-commerce Business Models and Concepts” and

Chapter 4 “Building an E-commerce Presence: Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps”.


This class expects you to contribute two items:

Item #1: identify one to two slides from either Chapter 2 or Chapter 4 that help you the most to learn something new and important in E-commerce.  Explain what you have learned (use no more than 100 words) and post them in “Week 3 Class Discussion”.

Save these identified one to two slides in a new file; attached this new file to your post (so that your classmates would benefit from your identified one to two slides as well).

You will earn 2 points from completed Item #1.

Item #2:  Review your classmates’ postings and their attached files of one to two identified slides. Select one classmate’s posting, and critique it (use no more than 100 words).

You will earn another 2 points from completed Item 2 if the classmate’s name was also provided at the beginning of your critique (everybody would benefit more if we can follow discussion thread exactly). Otherwise, you will not receive a full 2 points.


You must identify one slide or no more than two slides of your own.  If anyone or two slides already selected by your classmate, please do not select the same slide(s).  There are plenty of slides for you to pick from Chapter 2 and Chapter 4.

You are expected to study Chapter 2 and Chapter 4, or at least to study slides from Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 carefully. You can find chapter slides under “Files”.

Always, you must Unicheck before your posting.

BUS320: E-Commerce And E-Business

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