[Essay Help]: Choosing an organizational structure.

Choosing an organizational structure.. Examine and analyze the following checklist developed by an interagency task force for choosing an organizational structure. From this list, select the criteria that you find to be the best in terms of their relevance and the way they are able to keep administrative agencies accountable to the public for results and transparency.

Evaluate and explain which ones you think are most often in conflict with each other.

  • Public acceptance
  • Adaptability
  • Professional competence
  • Participation, representativeness, and diversity
  • Effective databases
  • Cost and timeliness
  • Promotion of private efficiency
  • Accountability to the president
  • Accountability to Congress
  • Compatibility with state regulation

Comment on the examples provided by your classmates. Explain in detail your reasons along with your rationale as to why you agree or disagree with them

Choosing an organizational structure.

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