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Civil Law. Court Report: 2,200-word count Weighting 40% Length: 2 000 words plus 200 word Court Report Questionnaire. You are required to attend the Local Court sitting in the criminal jurisdiction for AT LEAST two mornings (or equivalent- i.e. one whole day) and submit a written report based on the proceedings. Fill in the questionnaire attached down below as a part of the assessment ( 200 words) This court report based in the Local court only. Ensure that you only attend for criminal matters. Main: issue you need to address in the court report: You will identify a human services-related issue from what you saw, research it and write a report including your original research and with reference to the compulsory references attach down below. Remember the overall question “Was justice done” For example, you have attended 2- 3-morning cases at a local court on a criminal matter, you must observe the court proceeding was justice being done? how did they treat the offender ? was he self-represented at the proceedings? is he identified as a disadvantaged person? did he have mental health issues? did the judge provide recommendation for his drug-addicted? how did everyone treat the offender? was it fair compared to all the cases you been through was the human service was fair or lenient. you must discuss the human service you saw throughout the cases and ask if justice was done in the court proceedings. I will attach the references list you could use but you must use the essential readings for this court report and the assessment detail for this assessment will be attached below please have a look as it will help you structure the court report. Marking criteria is down below as well

Civil Law

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