[Essay Help]: COMM3210 Critical Reading And Writing

COMM3210 Critical Reading And Writing.

1a. In your own words, without referring back to the essay, write one sentence relating the essay’s overall argument.

1b. Consult the thesis statement and compare it to what you wrote above. To what extent do they match conceptually? Does the essay’s overall argument differ from the stated thesis? How could the thesis be made more precise and argumentative?

1c. How effectively does the thesis identify and interpret a concept? Does it introduce the concept using specific terms? (ex. “maternal relationship” rather than “relationships”). Is the argument complex enough that it would take several body paragraphs to defend it?

Suggest ways to improve the clarity and precision of the thesis statement:

2a. Consider the essay’s argument as a whole. Do you find the argument persuasive? Why or why not? How successfully is the argument supported? How successfully do body paragraphs build on one another to develop a complex argument? Is there any key evidence that the paper omits? (either evidence that would more strongly support the argument or evidence that undermines it)

Suggest ways to improve the essay’s argument, cohesion and coherence

2b. Consider the sequence of body paragraphs in detail. On the final page of this worksheet, create a reverse-outline of the paper by identifying what each paragraph accomplishes and how it contributes to the essay. Then, evaluate the reverse-outline: to what extent does the sequence of paragraphs make sense logically and conceptually? Is there another order that you think would be more effective? Should any paragraphs be cut? Should any be added?

Suggest was to improve the essay’s structure:

3a. Consider the introduction. Does it introduce the authors and the texts and their forms? Does it identify the key concept that the paper will investigate? Is it concise and focused?  Does it conclude with a clearly stated thesis

3b. Consider the conclusion. Does it briefly summarize the essay’s argument without mirroring the introduction? Does indicate why the analysis is significant? Does it gesture to the wider implications of the essay

4a. Identify the strongest body paragraph. What does it do especially well?

4b. Identify the weakest body paragraph. What prevents it from being clear and/or persuasive?

5a. Suggest one improvement that would have the greatest impact on the essay.

5b. What does the paper do well that should not be edited out? (other than being well-written, grammatically correct, and expressing a position)

COMM3210 Critical Reading And Writing

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