[Essay Help]: COUN7002 Theories Of Counselling

COUN7002 Theories Of Counselling.


Assessment Description: Case study

Read the case study below and write a report explaining how you would work with the client from one counselling perspectives that you have studied in this unit.

Case Study

Jack has contacted you to discuss counselling for his 16-year-old daughter, Danni. Jack and his wife, Crystal, divorced when Danni was 6 years old and Danni lived with her mother, with regular contact with Jack, since the divorce. Three years ago, Crystal was diagnosed with lung cancer and after a long battle with the disease, passed away 6 months ago. During Crystal’s illness, Danni continued to live with her and only moved in with Jack, his current partner, Alison, and their 10 year old daughter, Sophie when Crystal was too ill to stay at home. Jack feels that Danni has not really settled in her new home and often argues Jack and Alison. She spends a lot of time alone in her bedroom and refuses to take part in family dinners and is becoming increasingly isolated and only seems interesting in talking to her friends. Jack is worried that she is not fitting into the family and that she is not coping with her mothers’ death.

Jack asks your advice on what sort of counselling could be most helpful for Danni.

Your case study should include the following:

· the key principles and goals of the approach in working with Danni,

· rationale to support your choice of counselling approach in terms of their application to working with children and families,

· rationales explaining why the suggested approach may be helpful for them,

· suggestion of two techniques or interventions from the approach that you would use with Danni to facilitate change


COUN7002 Theories Of Counselling

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