[Essay Help]: Crim100 Introduction To Criminology And Criminal Justice

Crim100 Introduction To Criminology And Criminal Justice. Topics for these weeks are Corrections, Victims, Victimology, and Indigenous Experiences with the CJS , White Collar and Corporate Crime). This written assignment will take the form of an annotated bibliography and should be a collection of at least five academic and peer-reviewed sources about your chosen topic. When completed, the annotated bibliography should provide a balanced account or synopsis of the current state of research on the subject selected. Items in the annotated bibliography should be presented alphabetically, and each annotation should provide a brief description of the article or book selected. There should be two components to each item in an annotated bibliography: the citation (in APA format), and the annotation.Annotations should be strictly objective in nature, meaning that your description should only explain the contents, methods, objectives, and results of the article or book you have selected. There should be no personal opinions on the subject matter. All written assignments will be assessed for grammar, punctuation, organization, and proper APA referencing.

Crim100 Introduction To Criminology And Criminal Justice

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