[Essay Help]: CYCS 3020 Child And Youth

CYCS 3020 Child And Youth.

Instructions:  Students will choose one of the following articles to read:

  1. Social Determinants of Health from an Adolescent Perspective
  2. Reaching Out, Reaching In: The Long Term Challenges and Issues of Outreach Programs
  3. Methodological Strategies for evaluating youth gang prevention programs

The student will read the article in its entirely and write a 5-page Critical Article Review.  Students are expected to write in APA formatting, use a minimum of 3 academic journal references that support/back their critical review.  The idea is to gain insight into the topical area, and find holes in theories and practices.  Students are to critique the chosen topical area and present evidence that both back and argues the point of the article you have chosen. Students will provide their own perspective on the article they have chose and identify reasons why you are for or against the article information.  Students are welcome to use some of the course resources as references if they should choose.  Students are expected to utilize the outline provided for them below to write their assignment.  Please review the rubric for an understanding of a full grade breakdown.

APA formatting requires a title page, reference page, and formatting throughout the assignment.  Please review Owl Purdue for support on APA formatting and expectations.

Your assignment outline should carry the following headings:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Article Review & Critique
  • Authors Perspective
  • Conclusion
  • References

CYCS 3020 Child And Youth

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