[Essay Help]: Determining your preferred learning style.

Determining your preferred learning style.. Complete the VARK Questionnaire   to determine your preferred learning style. Begin your assignment by identifying your learning style(s). Using your preferred VARK learning style (Visual, Aural,Read/Write, Kinesthetic), describe the strategies you will use to assist you in learning the content for the classes in the scenarios listed below. For each scenario, write 2-3 sentences describing strategies you would use to overcome the learning obstacles presented in the scenarios. Be sure to answer the questions based upon YOUR learning style(s). Example: “If my English professor lectures as his primary teaching style, I would…”Scenarios Your English professor lectures as his primary teaching style. Your History professor likes to tell stories to the class, but she does not spend much class time on the class material. On the first day of school, your Math professor tells you that 50% of the students in this class will drop it by the third week of school.She is cold, distant, and unapproachable. Your Biology professor covers many terms in class you do not know. You feel lost most of the time. Your professor presents many complicated graphs and diagrams during class, and he does not spend enough time explaining them. Your computer professor uses PowerPoint during lectures, but he clicks the slides too fast for you to keep up.When you ask him to go back to a particular slide, he frowns with displeasure.

Determining your preferred learning style.

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