[Essay Help]: Discuss American Motivations of Entering World War 2

Discuss American Motivations of Entering World War 2. people in the U.S. like to think of the Second World War as the “good war,” in which the lines of right and wrong, good and evil were clearly drawn. Let’s get outside the moral questions here. From the perspective of economics, or politics, or strategic interests, why do you think the U.S. entered the war? Were those considerations different in the European theater from those of the Pacific theater?

here is two examples


The reason why I think the U.S entered the war was because we were being attacked. We were supplying the Europeans with weapons and aid and they were attacking our ships. So we had to fight back somehow. After world war 1, Hitler began gaining power from other countries. He began starting slow and gaining little by little and being sneaky to get others. Some people believed that he would stop and some didn’t. After people stared taking noticed, they stared fighting back and Hitler was taking notice. After that, he began being safe until the second war staring to happen so he would be prepared for the war. There were more allies though than Germany had at the time but Hitler still gained France. Before France fell though, Italy called war. Hitler then called war on Great Britain. He started making the plans and taking actions and they started to work until Churchill started coming in and taking over making Hitler mad. One big attack happened after. Germany had then gained more allies. Even though they wanted peace, Hitler still kept taking over more places. He even lost some at some points so Hitler moved. After Roosevelt won the election that year, he was asked to join the war but he said no. He then though gave them weapons but still stayed out. Hitler then realized that he had to start taking action again. The invasion of Russia was Hitler’s main action that he wanted to take. After the weather got colder, the conditions got worse and made it harder on the Germans so they took a break until the weather got better and they still gained power during the break. Then Pearl Harbor happened so everyone started declaring war like Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchill. Japan and Germany’s power was still the same amount. After winter happened, Hitler switched up his strategies. He wanted to focus on the South first before taking over others. The Soviet Union was supplying Germany with oil and steel for their weapons until German invaded Russia and other countries. The Germans weren’t smart enough to see what was happening until the Soviet Union had taken over some of the placed Hitler had. Allies then started gaining more area over Germany since them and Hitler had gained a lot of enemies. So everyone was like lets attack and win against Germany. Soon after, more and more countries were being taken over from the German side to the American and British, with them moving the Germans out of France. Hitler’s mental and physical health was then going downhill so he decided to take more one action and take over, trying to get a different country to surrender but they didn’t, making the Germans fall and fail. After that, the allies tried and took over more German countries. War was finally over.


One economical reason for entering the war was to end the Great Depression, this gave American a reason for production and manufacturing to happen again, restarting the United States economy. The economy during the war grew, which led to job opportunities for women and some minorities. In the perspective of politics, the people wanted a strong leader to get them through this tough time. Many people were scared during this time and they wanted a strong political leader to pull them out of the Great Depression and protect them from any possible invading countries, such as Germany, Japan, or Italy. This lead to the politicians declaring war to show Americans that they could protect them, keep them safe, and display how much power they have. Strategic interests for join the war were to get out of the Great Depression by up lifting the economy, teaching Americans better skills for the work field, it showed how big of a power the United States was, and it gave America new war strategies and technology. I think the US entered WWII in retaliation to the attack on Pearl Harbor. After Japan attacked the US like that and people so many Americans in danger, the United States had no choice but to go to war. The European theater was a war zone during WWII between Germany, Poland, America, France, and a couple other countries. The allies won at the European theater, ending the Second World War. The Pacific theater was a war zone between the Allies and Japan. The United States economical, political, and strategic interests influenced them to enter World War II and eventually end it as well.

Discuss American Motivations of Entering World War 2

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