[Essay Help]: Discuss Digital Reading and Multi Tasking

Discuss Digital Reading and Multi Tasking. In “Your Brain on Hyper Reading,” Naomi Baron examines the cognitive effects of digital reading and multi-tasking, and considers the social implications of reading in the digital world.

Ian Bogost discusses the origin and development of emojis, including their evolving use and cultural meaning.

In this response (minimum 250 words), please address the following questions:

  1. According to Baron, studies suggest that when people are given a choice of reading something on a screen or on paper, which do they choose? How does she explain this?
  2. Who is good at multi-tasking, according to Baron? How does multi-tasking affect reading? Did you multi-task while reading this chapter? Be honest!
  3. According to Bogost, emoji use has changed over time. Why does he think this is a problem? Give an example.

Discuss Digital Reading and Multi Tasking

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