[Essay Help]: Discuss Franklin Roosevelt Order 9066 & Korematsu vs United States

Discuss Franklin Roosevelt Order 9066 & Korematsu vs United States. part 1

Research President Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066 and the Supreme Court case Korematsu vs. The United States. Write a paper 2-3 discussing Roosevelt’s use of presidential power regarding Japanese internment. As part of your paper consider:

  • What reasons and constitutional justification did Roosevelt have for taking this action?
  • What justification did the Supreme Court give for their decision in this matter?
  • Was Roosevelt’s use of power legitimate?

part 2–Read Federalist 78 from the assigned readings. Complete the attached analysis guide and upload it.

part3—- All Federal Judges, including Supreme Court Justices, serve for life. Why was this established this way? How does this impact the decisions made by the court vs. decisions made by the other branches? Do you believe we should limit the length of Federal Judicial terms? Why or why not? 250 word

part 4– For this paper you will choose a landmark Supreme Court Case that you read on the Landmark Cases (Links to an external site.) website. Write a 2-3 page paper which summarizes the case. You should include in your summary:

  • The background of the case
  • The decisions of the lower courts
  • A summary of the majority opinion
  • A summary of a dissenting opinion.
  • What parts of the Constitution are at issue in the case?

Then discuss whether you believe the majority opinion or dissenting opinion was more convincing? Provide evidence to justify your conclusion. You should properly cite the Supreme Court case, your textbook, and any other sources you used.

Discuss Franklin Roosevelt Order 9066 & Korematsu vs United States

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