[Essay Help]: Discuss French Revolution Video Documentary

Discuss French Revolution Video Documentary. Throughout the French Revolution, many factions with different goals pushed their respective agendas by arguing their intentions were to expand or protect the freedoms and liberties of the people of France and the French Empire. Jean-Paul Marat, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Maximilian Robespierre all championed liberty, even as their decisions and actions led to the deaths of countless thousands. Based on this week’s lessons, videos, and readings, do you think the major players of the revolution were committed to liberty to all people living under the French system, or just a select few that those in power favored? Use historical examples to explain your answer.

Open a thread and write a post of at least 250 words to address this prompt. Make sure to reference the lectures, and assigned readings and videos, and use specific examples from all three to support your ideas.

Discuss French Revolution Video Documentary

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