[Essay Help]: Discuss Government Services and Collections

Discuss Government Services and Collections.

  • Explain the differences in the different forms of local governments.
  • What factors and issues should be considered when deciding to consolidate services.
  • Distinguish and contrast a charter from of government from a home rule government. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • In what ways are local governments influenced in their functions by external factors? What are the factors and how must local government respond?
  • Explain how professionalism in finance can benefit the citizens and the ability for a government to effectively function.
  • What are the limits of a local government, and how are they established and enforced? What would be the consequences should a local government exceed its authority?
  • Explain why equal treatment of stakeholders is not essential and why this is appropriate. What criteria should be used to determine which stakeholders are given preferential treatment, and which stakeholders are justifiably slighted?
  • Explain and distinguish the difference between the function of finance and financial management.
  • Explain the nature of ethical conflicts between unions and management in labor negotiations. While the text focuses on the role of the CFO, using cited external sources, explain the roles of legal counsel and human resource managers in labor management negotiations.
  • Describe a comprehensive decision making process for a local government leader, in regard the ethical, practical and political challenges the leader faces. What dangers exist if the interests of community, citizens, law and community needs are not met? How these challenges differ today from the past?
  • Discuss the sources of local governments for revenue generation. What are the benefits and potential shortfalls of each method? What are the interventions should there be a shortfall in projections and collections? How is the collection of revenue a reflection of the structure of the local government?
  • Discuss the role of technology in local government operations, revenue collection, and spending. How will changes in technology impact government efforts to identify and implement revenue streams in the future?

Discuss Government Services and Collections

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