[Essay Help]: Discuss Innovative Inventions of Information Technology

Discuss Innovative Inventions of Information Technology. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The growth rate for emerging innovations in this field is functioning on its peak. In this article use of Information technology (IT) is elaborated through a real-world example that maintains collage data in excel sheets, which is better than traditional paperwork. But still need improvement and required to merge up in a database of access and get more benefit from Information technology (IT) features. The database is designed and discussed in the article. The database maintains the data in an organized manner. Provide the facility to create quick and easy reports, show many kinds of relationships among tables. All these features are useful for the effective management of collage essential information.

Social and organizations are grown up due to the great benefits of Information technology (IT). The use of Information technology (IT) is at its peak in all fields of life. Education is almost dependent on the internet and a computer system that again comes under the subject of Information technology (University of Waterloo, 2014).

Another use of information systems and information technology within the field of project management is a useful feature for organizations. Specific systems are designed to deal with project management using computer and internet technology. These systems have a&nbsp.decision-making&nbsp.feature that is highly recommended for managers within an organization. The numbers of organizations use the internet and social media for the promotion of new products. Information technology is being used for marketing purposes by different organizations. The information technology approach targets customers directly and quickly through internet technology.

Information technology plays a vital role in innovations for children. The children&nbsp.used&nbsp.to play games on computer systems, on the internet, and improve their level of satisfaction.

Discuss Innovative Inventions of Information Technology

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