[Essay Help]: Discuss North American Colonies

Discuss North American Colonies. Each essay should be at least three standard-length paragraphs but no longer than five standard-length paragraphs. Do not include an introduction or conclusion.

1) Discuss the development of England’s most profitable North American colonies and their relationship to slavery. First, explain how Virginia economically developed and why it came to depend on slave-based labor. Include the viewpoints of slaveowner William Byrd II in your answer. Second, describe how such southern colonies differed from northern colonies like Massachusetts Bay.

2) Discuss the maritime connections that knitted North America together with Africa, Europe, and the broader Atlantic World. First, explain how the commerce of the Atlantic System socially and economically affected the British North American colonies during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Second, describe the “Middle Passage” as experienced by Black Americans like Olaudah Equiano and what their lives were like upon arrival in America.

3) Discuss the Patriots’ rebellion against imperial authority. First, explain why the Stamp Act upset so many colonists and how such Patriots united against this and other contemporaneous British actions. Second, describe the chief arguments for independence, especially the ideas presented by Thomas Paine in the selection from Common Sense we read in class. In particular, assess why these ideas proved so popular and powerful in the colonies.



Discuss North American Colonies

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