[Essay Help]: Discuss on Alzheimers Disease Treatment Policy

Discuss on Alzheimers Disease Treatment Policy. Current statistics shows that Alzheimer’s disease cost American businesses more than $33 billion annually ($26 billion due to lost productivity of caregivers and $7 billion due to costs for health and long term care)[Source of figures from the Alzheimer’s Association web site]. Moreover, 50% of nursing home patients suffer from Alzheimer’s or a related disorder.

Alz and Dementia - cost to the nation

Many millenials are being impacted by caregiving – check out this information from a USC study of millenial caregivers for dementia patients.

A Profile of Millenial Dementia Caregivers

I want you to design public/federal/state – whatever, government policy that will ease the pain of caring for Alzheimer’s disease patients. For example, investment incentives so you can help your parents later in life or extensions to the family leave act. Policies that would help families to take care of their demented members? Come on guys! You all just got elected to congress – do something!

Discuss on Alzheimers Disease Treatment Policy

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