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Discuss on Research Project A. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. r critically evaluates the international integration of globalisation in international business strategy and posits that ultimately any entry mode strategy for business ultimately requires a subjective risk assessment from the business perspective going forward. Additionally, the synchronisation of a corporate strategy that understands the local market as well as local strategic alliances is vital to the success of international business growth strategy. In supporting this proposition regarding international integration in international business expansion strategy, this paper contextually examines the example of foreign companies exploiting the market liberalisation of China in attracting foreign direct investment.

The integration of the globalisation phenomenon into business with the increased movement of capital and commodities has had a significant impact on international business strategy (Tomlinson, 1999). The most common definition of globalisation encompasses the political and cultural and social economic aspects of regional and local territories, which integrate and have become interconnected via contemporary global methods of information exchange (Croucher, 2004). Additionally, Held and McGrew argue that globalisation represents the interconnectedness of states, societies and culture, which has thereby propelled global trade, ideas and capital (Held & McGrew, 1999).

Furthermore, it is submitted that integration of globalisation in international business has primarily impacted entry mode strategies as part of international business expansion. For example, a common corporate vehicle utilised for international expansion in business is the Multinational Enterprises (MNE), which are essentially firms that “own and control income generating assets in more than one country” (Andersson, 1991: 3).

Discuss on Research Project A

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