[Essay Help]: Discuss on the civil war and the union’s victory.

Discuss on the civil war and the union’s victory..

Write a 1 page paper on the civil war and the union’s victory. The battle of Chattanooga not only contributed towards Union’s victory but also furnished way for the Union’s military movement to the south. The losses in the battle of Chattanooga are much smaller as compared to the other battles of American civil war. The battle of Chattanooga gave away to the Sherman to look into the Atlanta and later than that, he led his divisions to the sea.

The battle of Chattanooga showed the best example of a fighting spirit. The battle of Chattanooga proved the Union’s supremacy in the region. As we take a look at the war, battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg also contributed well in the victory of the Union but the battle of Chattanooga played a major role in Union’s Victory.

The importance of the battle of Chattanooga in Union’s victory is directly related to the grant to the Union’s army by the west, which allowed the Union’s army to march further and fight against Lee. Although Commander Sherman did not show his best performance but provided good results. The actions taken by the Sherman and the existence of the grant made the battle of Chattanooga significant in the war.

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Discuss on the civil war and the union’s victory.

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