[Essay Help]: Discuss Porters Five Forces Model as A Framework Analyze the Airline Industry in India

Discuss Porters Five Forces Model as A Framework Analyze the Airline Industry in India. Assignment Overview

Using the information in the Kingfisher Airlines: Managing Multiple Stakeholders, answer all elements of the following topic areas completely. The paper should be written from a position of case facts and course material. Students should avoid excessive use of personal opinion and focus on linking course concepts to the real-world situation in the case. Only the case information and course materials should be considered when completing this assignment; students should not conduct any outside (Internet) research on this company, industry or situation.

The entire case analysis can be effectively addressed in between four (4) to six (6) pages.

Make sure to carefully review the Grading Rubric. It is critical that you follow the guidelines as outlined in these sections. All papers must be submitted through the appropriate TurnItIn link.

Industry Analysis

1. Using Michael Porter’s Five Forces model as a framework, analyze the airline industry in India based on the information in the Kingfisher Airlines case. Remember, Porter’s Five Forces model is used to analyze an industry, not individual companies. Make sure your focus is on the broader Airline industry in India, not Kingfisher Airlines specifically.

Your analysis should include the following sections for each of the Five Forces:

a. What are the critical elements of the force in question? This should include a definition, in your own words, of the components of the force in question that apply to the real-world situation in the case. The focus here is on the Five Forces model as it relates to the Indian Airline Industry.

b. How does the force impact the dynamics in the Indian Airline Industry? This should include a direct relationship drawn between the components discussed above and the facts in the case. The focus here is on the Indian Airline Industry dynamics.

c. An impact rating of LOW, MODERATE or HIGH for the force in question.

The impact ratings should follow the following guidelines:


  • LOW – Force has little to no impact or poses minimal threat to the industry.
  • MODERATE – Force has modest / average impact or poses a controllable / moderate threat to the industry.
  • HIGH – Force has a significant impact or poses a significant challenge to the industry.


2. Discuss whether you believe Kingfisher Airlines has upheld a balanced stakeholder strategy as outlined in the course lecture materials, readings and the textbook.

Answer the following question areas at a minimum in your discussion of Kingfisher Airline’s stakeholder situation. Make sure the discussion is clearly and correctly supported by lecture materials and / or concepts from the course textbook.


  • Have they effectively considered all stakeholders in their strategic decision making thereby balancing the value provided to and demands put on each of the stakeholders?
  • Were some stakeholders taken advantage of in an effort to provide for other stakeholders?
  • What could Kingfisher Airlines do to resolve any potential conflicts between stakeholders and keep the company alive?


Note: Make sure your answer is highly relevant to the textbook.

Discuss Porters Five Forces Model as A Framework Analyze the Airline Industry in India

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