[Essay Help]: Discuss Ratification of The American Constitution

Discuss Ratification of The American Constitution. The Philadelphia Convention that was to revise the Articles of Confederation has met.
Instead of revising the Articles of Confederation the 55 delegates from 13 states that met in Philadelphia developed an entirely new document , the Constitution of the United States.
39 of the delegates signed the document.

The national debate is now (1787) . Should the states ratify this new document so it becomes the “law of the land”?

In preparation review the Federalist v. Anti-Federalist chart in this module before you write you posts.

1) If you were living in 1787 what would you support?
Would you be for the new Constitution as a Federalist or would you be against the new document and side with the Anti-Federalists? Make sure you give 3 reasons why you support the new Constitution or why you are against the new Constitution. Describe and explain your reasons using examples from Module Week 6.
2) Do you see any issues debated in 1787 that relate to current issues today? explain.

–Explain your choice using facts from Chapters 5 and 6a and Module 6 to support your answer.
–Make sure you use at least 3 specific reasons why choose to be for or against the new Constitution and explain your reasoning using evidence from Module Week 6..
–No outside research is allowed.
–Do not repeat the questions.
–Quotations should be short (1.5 sentences maximum) and only 2 direct quotes per post

Discuss Ratification of The American Constitution

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