[Essay Help]: Discuss Socket Programs & Perl Programming

Discuss Socket Programs & Perl Programming. Part A

<p “=””>Socket Programs in Perl<p “=””>In this assignment, you learn to write a socket program in Perl. You are introduced to some of the major issues involved in Perl network programming.<p “=””>Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the following:

  • Socket programming in Perl
  • Perl network programming

<p “=””>Based on your research and understanding, complete the following discussions:<p “=””>Part 1<p “=””>A blocking call consumes more resources, and it is definitely advantageous to make a blocking call nonblocking. Based on this, complete the following tasks:

  • Identify some methods to make a blocking call non blocking. Discuss the key difference(s) amongst these methods.
  • Use a simple client-server example to illustrate your methods.

<p “=””>Part 2<p “=””>Write a Perl program to address the following:

  • It creates a file and writes the integer zero to the file.
  • The program then calls a fork to spawn a child process
  • The parent and child processes alternate incrementing a counter in the file.
  • Each time the counter is incremented, print to the console which process, parent or child, is performing the increment.
  • Each process should tell the other process when it has finished its operation. Each process should wait for the other to complete before incrementing the counter.
  • The maximum value to which the counter can be incremented is taken as an input from the user.

<p “=””>Discuss any challenges that you have faced in writing your program.

Part B

Course Project Part 3—Handling Concurrent Clients

Continuing with your course project, in this week’s assignment, you will study ways of handling concurrent clients. You also learn about their strengths and complications.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the ways of handling concurrent clients.

Consider the following situation:

In the distributed books library application, each client on registering itself with the server can serve its books, download books, and browse available books. If a client is registered to serve one or more books, then it acts as a server with a listening port.

Based on your research and week’s readings, continue with the Microsoft Word document from W2 Assignment 2 and add a 3- to 4-page report to complete the following tasks:

  • Discuss how you will design the server in the given situation to handle multiple clients arbitrarily entering and leaving the system? Describe your server design in detail.
  • Justify your design selection.
  • Include a simple block diagram to describe the components of your design.
  • Perl is the language selected for doing this assignment. If you are asked to pick a different language, which language would you choose for implementing your design? How is compared to Perl?
  • When it comes to implementing your suggested design, describe what the most challenging task is. Why do you think so? See
  • Ensure this week’s project output is properly connected to the W2 Assignment 2 course project output.

Hint:Consider design choices such as preforking, newsocket-per-client request, and new-process-per-client request

Discuss Socket Programs & Perl Programming

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