[Essay Help]: Discuss Stonewall Uprising & LGBTQ Rights

Discuss Stonewall Uprising & LGBTQ Rights. Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQoeLMdzhIo This is a Youtube event, so if you are not able to make the live stream, you can still access the video on your own time.

In the discussion board, write a minimum of 250-word reflection on the following prompts:

(1) What does it mean to be an ally to marginalized populations? How can YOU become a better ally?

(2) Reflect on what you learned about the Stonewall Riots. Do you believe rioting is the necessary work of liberation/social movements? Why or why not?

Research the following organizations: Part 2

Then write a response (250 words <) to the following:

1. What is one action that you think the campus can take to bring awareness to the movement and also issues facing LGBTQ+ communities?

2. What about the intersection of race? Is racial equality a visible component of the work that any of these organizations are doing? Which ones are inclusive of racial equality work and which ones are not? Why is this so?

Discuss Stonewall Uprising & LGBTQ Rights

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