[Essay Help]: Discuss Teamwork and Patient Safety

Discuss Teamwork and Patient Safety. Instructions (continued)

3) Before continuing, completely read all of the remaining instructions.

4) Decide which problem you want to focus on as your first priority for Cinic X. Describe the problem and why you chose this problem.

5) State the goal for the improvement effort.

6) Identify the fundamental knowledge required by the improvement project team to solve this problem. Identify the people (professional group or service area) that should be represented on the team and the fundamental knowledge they bring to the team.

7) Document the current process (as it is described in the case narrative) using a process flowchart.

8) Identify the customers of the process to be improved and their expectations.

9) Explore and prioritize root causes of the problem by doing the following:

a. Brainstorm root cause causes and document the causes on the fishbone diagram.

b. Describe how you would collect data about how frequently the root causes contribute to the problem.

10) Review the following process improvement techniques. Select and explain the ones that apply to improving your process. be sure to take into account what you have learned in steps 6 through 8.

a. Eliminate waste (e.g., things that are not used, intermediaries, unnecessary duplication)

b. Improve workflow (e.g., minimize handoffs, move steps in the process closer together, find and remove bottlenecks, do tasks in parallel, adjust to high and low volumes)

c. Manage time (e.g., reduce setup time and waiting time)

d. Manage variation (create standard processes where appropriate)

e. Design systems to avoid mistakes (use reminders)

11) Incorporating what you learned in steps 6 through 9, describe the changed process using a process flowchart or workflow diagram.

12) Decide what you will measure to monitor process performance to be sure your changed were effective and briefly describe how you would collect the data.

13) You have completed the “Plan” phase of the Shewhard cycle. Decribe briefly how you would complete the rest of the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.

Write a 2-3 page APA formatted paper answering the question(s) in each of these case studies. Your combined paper for both case studies should be 2 – 3 pages.

Your response must be supported by 2 APA formatted references.

Discuss Teamwork and Patient Safety

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