[Essay Help]: Discuss Windows 7 Installation and Configuration Process

Discuss Windows 7 Installation and Configuration Process.

OS Installation

This week we focus on installing a basic Windows operating system and configuring the system using the proper drivers and software. An operating system that is installed requires the addition of drivers to recognize and use all of the features of its hardware.

Learn to install a basic Windows client operating system and configure it properly for use.

As an IT professional, client operating systems provide the basic functionality for users in an organization to be effective. Installing an operating system and configuring it properly will help you plan to build a better network infrastructure for any organization.

As a member of a team, you worked on requirements and stakeholder analysis for your IT Project. Use what you learned and apply that to your project.

·Update your project with stakeholder and requirement information.

oIdentify the needs of the average users in the environment and update the project accordingly.

oIdentify the basic needs of the users for hardware.

We have already started planning but let’s learn from experts how to put this process in motion.

·Watch LinkedIn Learning video on doing a “clean” Windows installation (All Windows installations are practically the same, so if it differs from the version in the lab it should not matter significantly): Windows 7 Essential Training with David Rivers

· Watch LinkedIn Learning video on driver management: Computer Literacy for Windows 7 with Garrick Chow

·Watch a LinkedIn Learning video on installing Ubuntu for installing to a second PC: Installing Ubuntu Directly on a Computer from the course: Learning Ubuntu Desktop with Scott Simpson

·Watch the Linkedin Learning video on the basics of networking, particularly the section on TCP/IP Basics and Tour of a SOHO Router from the course: CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Cert Prep: 3 The World of TCP/IP

Now that you know something about installing operating systems.

·Install operating systems according to machines that you will be using in your project

oFind the correct drivers for each of the operating systems

Select a router for your new network according to the project specifications, do some research on the router to prepare for next week. Design and submit a plan of simple steps for anyone to follow indicating how to do the aforementioned tasks.

Discuss Windows 7 Installation and Configuration Process

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