[Essay Help]: Discussion: Becoming an Art Critic

Discussion: Becoming an Art Critic.

Discussion: Becoming an Art Critic
“Almost everyone operates as an art critic much of the time . . . [However] If we do nothing to increase our critical skills, they may not grow. By learning some principles about criticism and how to put them to work, we can develop our capacities as critics and, in turn, our ability to understand and enjoy.” (Martin & Jacobus, pp. 51–52).

What can you do to increase your understanding and enjoyment of art? The authors of your course text suggest that you reflect upon the valuable participative experiences you have had while enjoying art. Reflection deepens your next experience with art. As you deepen your experience with art, you also develop a keener critical sense of the meaning and purpose in a work of art, and you improve your interpretation of a work of art.

In this Discussion, you exercise your skills as a budding art critic. You are given parameters to use to prepare a critique of a colleague’s work of art. As you critique your colleague’s art, remember to be professional.

To prepare:

Refer to the Still Life activity in Week 3 Assignment, Part 2, “Responding as an Artist.” Select a colleague’s art (either a poem, sketch, musical lyric, narrative description, or photograph) from DocSharing where your colleague’s work was uploaded.

By Day 4
Post a critique of the colleague’s art you have selected, using the following parameters:

Is it well-organized?
Does it communicate a single concept and, if so, how?
How well does your colleague use the medium of his/her art to express ideas?
Cite from the Learning Resources and your own investigation online

Discussion: Becoming an Art Critic

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