[Essay Help]: Discussion: Creating a Story

Discussion: Creating a Story. Discussion: Creating a Story
Narration is also an art form! By using your imagination and drawing upon your participative experiences with various art forms, you begin to understand that your interpretation of a work of art is a work of art, itself. Narration is an articulation of the stories about and within varied art forms. Your narration will tell a story about what you “see” in the work of art. By doing this, you are developing and fine tuning your own awareness of art and your own sensitivity to the metaphorical and symbolic representations found within a work of art.

In this Assignment, you compose a narrative interpretation of an assigned work of art.

By Day 1
To prepare:

Study the photograph (or other work of art) that you were assigned for interpretation.

By Day 3
Post a description of your assigned art form.

Address the following items:

Symbolism and metaphors within the work of art
Point of View
An abstract is not required.

Discussion: Creating a Story

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