[Essay Help]: diversity to business in general

diversity to business in general. Consider these prompts:

What is the value of diversity to business in general?  To tech companies in specific?
Why isn’t there more diversity among engineers at tech companies?
In your view, should companies set targets for levels of diversity?  Why/why not?
Put yourself in Rachel’s shoes as of the end of the case. What strategies should she propose in order to increase the diversity of the workforce?  Why?
Suppose Yelp were to implement some of these strategies. What approaches and criteria should they use to determine which approaches were most effective?  What would be the expected outcome?  Any potential downsides?

Part of analysis is to define the issue(s).  Another part is to explain the mechanisms that are causing the problem(s) or to explain why things are working well.  Finally, recommendations must be developed that are appropriate for the situation.

The reflection paper must address the prompts for that particular case.  Note that you do not have to address every prompt with equal vigor… some are more important than others and should be treated as such.  Part of your job is to figure out which matter most!

The reflection paper must be 4 to 5 double-spaced pages (plus references and any appendices, etc., which do not count in the page count).  Follow the formatting guidelines below.

diversity to business in general

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