[Essay Help]: Do a presentation on Oklahoma State Vital Statistics

Do a presentation on Oklahoma State Vital Statistics. Vital Statistics Assignment

Domain III. Informatics, Analytics and Data Use

Subdomain III.C. Analytics and Decision Support

You have been assigned OKLAHOMA STATE!


A recent vital statistics percentage was broadcast via the local news. Your CEO is in shock by the number and desires to have a better understanding of what the statistic means and how this may impact your facility.

Currently, your facility has a hospital specific Cancer Registry, disease index and operations index.What other general or disease/condition-specific indices could be created to better assist with reporting this data in the future, based on your findings?

You have been asked to create a report that will go directly to the CEO. You will determine the level of detail you feel is appropriate, but the report should contain graphs and a summary.

Create a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Report should include the following:
    • Death and Birth rates (for your assigned state)
      • Go to the Department of Health or Vital Statistics for your assigned state
      • You may report between 2-5 years (not all states will have 5 years available.) NOTE: You want to see a trend.
    • Identify the Disease/Condition, where your state is performing the best and the worst.
      • Go to the following website- http://www.ahrq.gov/research/data/hcup/index.html
      • In the left navigation, choose “State Snapshot”
      • In the middle of the page, choose the hyperlink for “State Snapshots Tools”
      • Select your assigned state
      • In the right navigation, choose “x Dashboard”, where x represent your state
      • Review the summary of the dashboard and how to interpret the icons
      • Find “Diseases & Conditions”
      • Report on the disease/condition, where your state is strongest and weakest
    • Summary of findings should include recommendations for future reporting.
    • Rubric: Minimum 6 slides – Maximum 10 slides (including title and reference slides). -30-points.

Do a presentation on Oklahoma State Vital Statistics

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