[Essay Help]: Elements of Intercultural Communication

Elements of Intercultural Communication. Class:Elements of Intercultural Communication

Culture & Perception Essay 1,000 – 1,250 words APA style

Culture Chosen: Hispanics

1. Describe the cultural identity of a particular cultural group. Describe how the culture’s identity is represented symbolically in the cultures: communication patterns, values, language, art, architecture, pastimes, relational roles, societal systems, behaviors, etc. (Comp 2.1 Interpret the meaning of symbols across cultures.).

2. Compare and contrast symbolic representations of a particular cultural group via media channels in (1) that culture’s media, (2) in the U.S. media, and (3) academic research findings.

3. Evaluate the role of mass media channels in intercultural communication (for the selected culture and in general). What impact do mass media have on intercultural perceptions and interactions?

Organize your paper with section headers to include: an introduction, the 3 required sections above, and a conclusion (total of 5 sections). Consider using an outline to organize your content before writing.

Prepare this assignment according to the formatting guidelines for academic papers found in the APA Style Manual. Include a title page and APA formatted references page, with corresponding in-text citations. An abstract is not required.

Project must incorporate a minimum of 5 scholarly sources, besides our textbook. All sources must be credible, written by a named author or editor, and may not be from a wiki page, travel website, or blog.

Elements of Intercultural Communication

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