[Essay Help]: emergency management responsibilities

emergency management responsibilities. Assignment Objective: Understand emergency management responsibilities in each phase of the emergency management cycle.

This assignment should take about 3 hours to complete.

The purpose of this assignment is to review a basic state emergency operations plan and describe how the emergency support functions are organized to coordinate state agency emergency response to all hazards.

Write short answers (a few sentences) to the following questions: Use the correct APA Style in-text citation format to reference sources.

What is the purpose for the State Emergency Operations Plan?

How is the State Emergency Operations Plan activated?

What types of emergency might require an evacuation?

What are some of the communication capabilities maintained by the Emergency Management Agency for use in emergencies?

Summarize the responsibilities of the State Emergency Management Division as described in Section VIII Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities.

Summarize the responsibilities of state agencies as described in Section VIII Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities.


South Carolina Emergency Management Division. (2013). South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan: Basic plan. Columbia SC: South Carolina State Emergency Management Division. Retrieved from http://www.scemd.org/planandprepare/plans/emergency-operations-plan This assignment addresses Learning Outcome 4. Students will be able to analyze disaster-related issues and problems and demonstrate knowledge of resources, response and recovery capabilities, and mitigation measures appropriate for addressing disasters.

emergency management responsibilities

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