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ENF 293 Solar Storage System Global Database. Task:

Many little girls dream of dancing with their dads.  One prison has developed a program to reunite inmates with their daughters in an evening of glitz and glamour.  On July 15th incarcerated dads at the prison dressed up in suits and ties and danced with their daughters who wore fancy dresses to the sixth annual father-daughter dance. Daughters of incarcerated Dads, between the ages of 5 and 17 years-old, who have permission from their guardian can attend.  “It started out as simply a dance in prison, which was great, but our goal is to return folks to the community different than they were when they came in,” said program director Sarah Smith.  Most incarcerated fathers are eligible to attend the dance if they show progress in programs offered inside the prison.  If their behavior and participation in the programs is good, the fathers must also attend a 30-hour parenting course before the dance.   In addition to the father-daughter dance, Smith said the prison also offers a basketball event, where inmates can play basketball with their sons, and in late August, there is a back-to-school cookout for the entire family.

Although the programs show great promise for the incarcerated men, little is reported about the impact the program has on the child.  The children enter the prison into the visitor’s waiting area where they are subjected to a physical search of their clothing and body to insure there is no contraband brought into the prison.  The waiting area is cold, not very clean, and loud and noisy from the clanging of the cell doors, the buzzers signaling movement within the facility, and the yelling of inmates from within the common area.  Guards in uniforms come and go through the area without paying much attention to the young visitors. The children are given strict rules about their behavior during the event and warnings that any violation will result in removal of their father from the dance.  Even though an incarcerated Dad may want their child to attend, the decision is solely the discretion of the guardian, who may or may not want the child to be in the prison environment with the father, or may not have the time or economic resources to get the child to the prison.


ENF 293 Solar Storage System Global Database

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