[Essay Help]: EPSY 5331 Human Development In Educ Order

EPSY 5331 Human Development In Educ Order.


The course will describe, analyze, and evaluate the major theories of human development, while emphasizing their relevance and application across educational settings. Cognitive, psychoanalytic, social, ethnological, ecological, and sociocultural theories will be presented in a basic manner, but also analyzed in the context of practical and applied educational situations.

At the end of the term, you will turn in a 4-5 page (excluding title page and references) application paper. The purpose of this assignment is to apply what you have learned to your teaching, counseling, or profession. The break- down of this assignment is as follows:

Page 1:

Choose an issue in developmental psychology (for example neglect/child abuse on brain development). Give a little detail regarding the background of this issue, why you selected it, and how often you think you will encounter this issue in your profession.

Page 2 & 3:

Based on the textbook, select the appropriate theory you believe will be the most helpful to you when trying to understand this issue (this may require additional outside research). Be sure to connect the theory you chose to the developmental issue you have selected.

Page 4-5:

Provide detailed research-based implications/recommendations to others that could assist in this issue. For example: are there specific strategies that could be applied in the classroom? Stay away from personal opinions and experiences. Stick with research-based implications/recommendations.


EPSY 5331 Human Development In Educ Order

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