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“Everyday Organizational Communication. The nature of case studies is to demonstrate your ability to determine the problems, to use your knowledge to analyze those issues, and to devise strategies to solve the problems.

This week, read the “Everyday Organizational Communication” article entitled: “The Dilemmas of Participative Management of a University” listed on pages 216–217 of the text. Keep in mind that you need to illustrate your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in your analysis of the case study. You can fulfill this requirement by arguing your perspective well, supporting your points with the text material and concepts and providing experience from an organization of which you have been involved. Be sure to include all the elements in the directions and use proper APA formatting. Use the heading for each section in your project including: Introduction, Summary, Communication Problems, Analysis, Solutions/ Recommendations, Conclusion.

Case Studies Guidelines

  1. Introduction: Provide an introduction into the role of communication in teams and critical thinking. Include why this analysis is important to the study of organizational communication.
  2. Summary: Summarize the background of the case. Provide specifics of the important elements to analyze.
  3. Communication Problems: Clearly state at least three of the communication problems in the case study scenario. Use the material in the text to support.
  4. Analysis: analyze the problem and include each of these elements:
    • How did the group develop initiatives that differed so much from President Brittle’s expectations?
    • What steps could President Brittle have taken to avoid groupthink in the team members? Why is avoiding groupthink important?
    • What does this situation tell you about benefits and challenges of encouraging employee participation in decision making?
    • Knowing what you know about systems, teams, networks, and organizing, how would you approach the problem of designing a strategic initiative for the university presented in the article?
    • What or who has caused the breakdown of communication and what are the effects? (Target the problem)
    • Why does the communication problem exist? (A cause and effect argument)
    • What patterns of communication would you encourage?
    • Based on your reading about teams, what would you advise the president to do now? Why?
    • Use the class text to support your analysis.
    • Use a personal experience that applies to the problems of this case to demonstrate your understanding and application of course information.
  5. Solutions/ Recommendations: Present solutions to the communication problems. Include each of the following elements:
    • What steps need to be taken to improve communication in this organization?
    • How can these steps fit into the present organizational structure, or what incremental steps need to be initiated? Do rules and regulations need to be changed, enforced, or modified?
    • What training of managers/employees is needed?
    • What processes need to be in place to change current attitudes and practices?
    • How should the organization begin the implementation of the recommendations?
    • Detail how your suggestions would have clarified/eliminated the current situation if they had been in place.
    • Use the class text to support your analysis.
  6. Conclusion: add an overall conclusion and wrap up/ final thoughts.

Your case study of 700–800 words should be written in Standard American English with proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, APA citations and Reference page and be edited well. You demonstrate understanding of the course material when you use the course language and concepts to explain the communication problems, and when you support your points with the text material. Your solutions should include suggestions for improvement of the communication problems you have noted, as well as steps for implementing your ideas. Details and specifics are important.

Be sure to edit your project well by reading out loud before submitting.

Format for your case study (use as headings):

  • Case study title
  • Introduction
  • Case summary
  • Communication problems
  • Analysis
  • Solutions/ Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Reference page (Document sources in APA format with both in text citations and a Reference page )

“Everyday Organizational Communication

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