[Essay Help]: Final Project – Written Paper

Final Project – Written Paper. Review the instructor’s feedback provided to you in Assignments 1-8.

2)   Edit and update Assignments 1-8 using the feedback provided to you by the instructor.

3)   Using a Word document, set up the written paper for your Final Project in the following manner:

a)  Introduction

  • write a paragraph that provides an overview and briefly describes what the project will discuss

b)  Assignment 1: Company Research

c)  Assignment 2:  Strategies, Goals, and Organizational Structure

d) Assignment 3:  SWOT Analysis

e) Assignment 4: Marketing Mix – 4Ps

f)  Assignment 5:  Social Media Marketing

g)  Assignment 6: Financial Performance

h)  Assignment 7: Employment Practices

i)  Assignment 8:  Social Responsibility Plan

j)  Conclusion

  • write a paragraph summarizing the Final Project

Final Project – Written Paper

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