[Essay Help]: FSO125 Ground Operations

FSO125 Ground Operations. 1.List the six human behaviors along with a complete definition for each
2. List two positive attributes and two negative attributes for each of the six human behaviors

An elderly passenger at your check in counter has a carry-on bag (COB) that when placed in the test unit exceeds the permitted size allowance and must be checked.   The passenger already has one checked bag and will have to pay $50 for this bag.  In addition, the bag contains medicine and an expensive camera, and they do not have another carry-on bag with them.  The passenger claims they have no means to pay for the baggage.  You notice the passenger interacting with another passenger who has offered to check the bag as their own, which is against company policy.

3.Referencing the above scenario, list three obstacles the passenger is going to encounter.  For each obstacle what is one action you could take to make a positive impact/resolution that shows you have listened, personalized/customized your actions to resolve the issue. No monetary compensation can be offered.


FSO125 Ground Operations

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