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Government Research Paper. Your Task: For this last term, you will write one more paper/essay. This will be a research paper over one of two topics discussed below. This paper will be at least 5 paragraphs in length and will include at least 3 outside sources. Each choice will need to include an introduction with a clear thesis, at least 3 body paragraphs supporting your thesis, and a conclusion. A general rubric for your paper is attached online/google classroom.

Option #1: President Research Paper

Choose 1 former American president to research, paying particular attention to their first 100 days in office. You will compare their First 100 Days with that of President Trump’s. Also, include the “success” of the former president’s presidency. Discuss if you think Trump will be successful based on his First 100 Days. This will be a compare and contrast style research paper between former president and our current one.


Option#2: Landmark Supreme Court Case Research Paper

Choose 1 Supreme Court Case from our list of 10 (in your google docs). Explore the background, meaning, constitutionality, and impact of this case on the American people.

Your thesis should focus on answering the questions, “How and why did the Supreme Court rule the way they ruled in this case? and What has been the impact of this case on the American people?”

Just do one   not both

Government Research Paper

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