[Essay Help]: History of educational technology

History of educational technology. Answer briefly to those questions 3 pages

  1. Discuss at least three (3) of the things we have learned from the history of educational technology that can help us shape today’s technology uses. Also, describe some of the educational movements facilitated by technological advancements during the Mobile Technologies, Social Media, and Open Access Era.
  2. Suppose there is a student who has failed at learning mathematics skills and is very unmotivated. What strategy would advocates of directed instruction suggest? What would constructivists recommend? Describe why it’s important for teachers to assess the technological resources of students and families.
  3. Why is trust and risk-taking important to teacher leaders? Explain why it is important for teachers to seek out and understand school policies that relate to online activity.
  4. Discuss some of the reasons that teachers choose to use software suites over non- computer tools. Discuss some of the common instructional integration strategies for data and analysis tools.
  5. Compare and contrast while describing at least four selection criteria to consider when evaluating software for adoption to solve specific learning needs or knowledge objectives.
  6. Choose one of the five affordances of web-based content resources that should be evaluated prior to use. Explain what the affordance is and how it can impact successful use of the resource with learners.
  7. Discuss the research-based perspectives on the relationship between students’ use of informal textese/textisms and students’ learning and use of formal English.

History of educational technology

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