[Essay Help]: Language Traits and Power of Language

Language Traits and Power of Language. For this assignment, select a language other than your native cultural language. (This may mean a dialect commonly used by smaller groups of people and meanings may not be easily understood by others.) Research this language to learn more about its phonology, semantics, and syntactics. Write a short paper in which you address the following:
Given the information you gathered, write a short summary of the language you chose. Provide examples for the traits of phonology, semantics, and syntactics.
Explain what the selected language may suggest about the culture from which it originates. For example, the English language borrows extensively from other languages and tends to reflect the melting-pot nature of U. S. culture.
Discuss communication issues that arise because of the differences in languages. Include observations you made when creating and viewing your video clip for the Power of Language discussion and any observations you made of native speakers of your selected language.

Language Traits and Power of Language

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