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LAW 203-Tort Law Research Essay. Where legislatures had considered that the common law should be modified over the years, they intervened, and interestingly so, the object generally was to expand, not limit, rights of recovery. Good examples are the abolition of the common law rule that contributory negligence was a complete defence, and the abolition of the rule excluding recovery of damages for wrongful death.1

Focusing on the tort law reform of 2002 by the Negligence Review Panel (Ipp Panel) comment on whether the reform was necessary or whether it went too far. In your analysis provide clear justifications for the position adopted by your paper.

It will be wise to focus on a particular issue (or issues) arising from the reform rather than discussing the whole reform so that you can achieve more analytical depth and avoid being too descriptive in your paper.


I recommend that you commence your research by reading the article by Hon Paul de Jersey AC (see footnote below for citation), where the above extract is derived from. Offer critical

arguments and analysis that justify the conclusion(s) of your paper. Your paper will be marked on basis of the criteria set out in the rubric and by reference to the law of NSW. Examples can also be taken from other jurisdictions to assist with research and help to inform the arguments.

Requirements Of Written Assignments

1. All written work must be written clearly, with good grammar, correct word usage, correct punctuation, and lack of spelling errors.

2. Poor or bad expression will be penalised, as the study of law is one in which clear expression and the meaning of words are of the highest importance.

3. All written work must be properly referenced and conform to standard stylistic conventions.

4. All authorities (articles, books) and cases must be properly cited.

5. Students must consult The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th edn., 2018).

6. In addition to clear grammatical sentences, students are expected to structure their work logically. Headings may be used to facilitate the progress of your argument in the essay. A very poorly referenced and expressed essay will likely fail. Essays should not include a bibliography.

7. Assignments are to comply with the word limit. There is no ‘10% rule’ allowing 10% over the word limit and therefore the marker will stop reading as soon as the word limit has been reached.

8. The type-face for the body is to be in Times New Roman (or similar) 12-point font and 1½ line spacing is to be used. Footnotes are to be in Times New Roman (or similar) 10 point font

9. Using single line spacing. Footnotes are only to be used for referencing, not for argumentation. All four margins of the pages are to be 2.5 cm. Footnotes are not to be counted in the word length. Please submit in word format to turnitin.

LAW 203-Tort Law Research Essay

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