1.This is an individual assignment. Student must include the marking rubric at the last page of the assignment.

2.The entire answer should be approximately 1500 words (excluding preliminary pages such as Cover Page, Table of Contents, Reference Page, Declaration and Appendix). The number of words should be shown at the end of your assignment. Any excesses will be penalized. Do not copy the assignment questions and instructions to your report.

3.Research must be done and all the references must be appropriately acknowledged (In Text Citation & Bibliography)

4.Deduction of 2 marks per day from the total marks is the penalty for late submission from the due date.

5.The marks are given based on, inter alia, the following items, including:

a)How thorough is the discussion;

b)The points or arguments made in terms of its relevance, logic, organisation, clarity and number;

c)Evidence of extensive research;

d)How well supported is the conclusion;

e)Personal analysis, and

f)How well the question is answered.


Conflict of interest has been recognised as a critical factor causing various ethical problems.

Explain the meaning of conflict of interest and discuss FIVE (5) examples of a conflict of interest that may potentially arise for employees at the workplace. In addition to the above, discuss FIVE (5) relevant and practical solutions for the five examples of conflict of interest that you have point out.


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