[Essay Help]: LAWW07012-Contract Law

LAWW07012-Contract Law.

The Learning Outcomes for this assessment are:

L1. Demonstrate, through providing advice to a hypothetical client, knowledge of the general concepts, principles, and rules of contract law in Scotland

L2. Identify and use primary and secondary legal sources to analyse problems in terms of legal concepts, apply legal principles to propose solutions, and to convey complex ideas in a well-structured and coherent written form

L3. Use industry standard electronic databases to source legislation and case authority


Millie Sirius is a 17-year-old actress and singer from Renfrew who has achieved international success and stardom. She has topped the billboard charts in the UK and the USA and has appeared in 2019’s highest grossing movie as a teenage witch, with a sequel scheduled for release in 2021.

She decided to have a wild night out with her friends who are already 18 in Scotland to celebrate her 18th birthday on Saturday 20th July 2019. They met on Friday 19th July at 7pm at the cocktail bar in Gleneagles Hotel after Millie had finished doing some press interviews for her latest film. During dinner, they proceeded to empty the wine cellar of its most valuable bottles of wine, some being one-off heirlooms that were irreplaceable. They also continued their revelry through the night, booking out 5 of the whisky suites and access to the Hotel’s helicopter. Their overall bill for one night totalled £500,000.

Millie has ignored the bill. She thinks she must have been so drunk after the first bottle of house wine (at £35 a bottle) that she had with dinner, that she doesn’t remember ordering the other bottles or more than one suite. However, at 3 o’clock in the morning she live-streamed on twitter a video of her singing one of her latest tracks, pitch perfect with perfect choreography.


LAWW07012-Contract Law

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