[Essay Help]: LL5303 European Union Law

LL5303 European Union Law.

Coursework Task:

Whilst Supremacy of EU law is a powerful and unique concept, it does have limitations, not least in the response of some Member State courts.

Critically analyse this statement with reference to decided cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union and in at least one Member State.

Assignment Briefing

Your work will be marked in accordance with the Kingston Law Department grading criteria, which is included in the module handbook. In accordance with the module learning outcomes (also in the handbook and ‘Syllabus’ section of Canvas) your CW should evidence your ability to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to analyse the powers of the institutions, (where relevant) their historic evolution and the implications of this in relation to the EU’s democratic credentials
  • Demonstrate the ability to research sources of EU law and to construct an answer to the essay question set
  • Demonstrate the ability to research primary and secondary sources of EU law and the academic literature in order to write a piece of coursework showing critical analysis and in-depth understanding of the institutions and their relative powers

LL5303 European Union Law

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