[Essay Help]: Louise Fresco on Feeding the Whole World ?

Louise Fresco on Feeding the Whole World ?. WATCH AND LISTEN:



READ : Food & Society p. 1-15


Double Entry Journal: Each day for which there are readings assigned, textbook and multimedia sources on Blackboard, you will be required to complete an entry in your Double Entry Journal before we meet and bring it with you to class. We will discuss options for formatting these, but the idea is to create a journal over the course of the semester that contains both important content from Food and Society and additional resources, as well as your own reactions to the content. Every source you read/watch for class needs to be included in your journal. By adding a little bit to this journal all semester, you will be building your own study guide for the two exams. Keeping up with your journal will also ensure that you come to class prepared to participate each day. Please submit your Double Entry Journals for each week in Blackboard by the end of the week (Word document upload or photos of a hard copy notebook).

Louise Fresco on Feeding the Whole World ?

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