[Essay Help]: LSO 470 Positive Psychology

LSO 470 Positive Psychology. You have to write a Blog so please follow the instruction 1.Review: The corresponding “how of happiness” sections Chapter 3 and FWD to part 2 (Lyubomirsky Chapter 3 and Forward to part 2.pdf ) 2.Take the “Oxford Happiness questionnaire” (paper version) 3.take “Person activity fit diagnostic” (paper version ) After having completed the two assessments and reading the relevant sections – complete next part A) Outline and discuss your results on the “Oxford Happiness questionnaire”. What score did you get? What based on the reading (how of happiness book) I gave you does your score mean? What does it mean to you, if anything? (at least 1 paragraph). B) Outline and discuss what your results were in the “Person activity fit diagnostic”. What were your highest and what were your lowest scoring activities ? Did any of your scores in any of the activities surprise you? How or why? (at least 1 paragraph). C) Based on the results of the “Person activity fit diagnostic” (the highest scoring activities) Pick 3 happiness activities out of the top 5 scoring ones. (Just listing them is fine)

LSO 470 Positive Psychology

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